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Villa Catignano ArmstrongFilms

Destination Tuscany

Filming weddings in Tuscany is like turning love into a living fairytale. Imagine capturing the romance against the backdrop of vineyards, olive groves, and historic villas—it's pure magic. The golden Tuscan sun adds this dreamy touch, making every moment look like a scene from a movie. The mix of medieval charm and picturesque landscapes turns each shot into a work of art. Whether it's an intimate vineyard ceremony or a grand celebration in a historic estate, Tuscany's beauty elevates wedding films to a whole new level, capturing the love and memories that last a lifetime. Cheers to a year of capturing these unforgettable moments!

Every Moment Matters

Villa Catignano ArmstrongFilms

Villa Catignano, Tuscany

"Every Tuscany wedding is distinct, shaped by the people involved and the unique atmosphere they create. In my approach to wedding videography, I focus on crafting films that go beyond storytelling. I aim to capture the authentic atmosphere of each Italian wedding, reflecting the emotions and vibes that make it special."


Destination Package

What You Receive

  • 1 x Videographer 2 - 3 Cameras

  • Aerial Drone footage 

  • Bridal & Groom Preparations

  • Ceremony In Full (2 - 3 Angels)

  • Cocktail Reception Highlights (Guests Having Fun)

  • Romantic Shoot (Take You Away For A Little Walk, These Moments Look Stunning On Video & Photo)

  • Speeches in Full (Speaker Close & Wide + Bride and Groom Reaction)

  • Signature Sunset Shoot (Gold Hour A Time We Love As Videographers & Photographers When The Light Is Perfect)

  • First Dance In Full (Let The Good Times Roll)

  • Funtimes Dancing (Friends & Family Having The Time Of Their Life ON The Dance Floor)

Why Me?

  • 2-3 Minute Highlight Trailer (Packed with Energy)

  • 14-17 Minute Cinematic Short Film with Highlight Speeches & Readings

  • Ceremony In Full As A Live Event

  • Speeches In Full As A Live Event

  • First Dance In Full As A Live Event

  • All Easily Downloaded and Viewed On Our VidFlow Platform

  • A Style That Is Timeless To Look Back on

  • We Always Make the Experience Fun

  • 8 Years Of Filming & Photography Experience

  • We Capture The Real Moments As They Happen

  • Always going above and Beyond for our Couples

  • I Love Being A Tuscany Wedding Videographer


Photography Gallery

Taylor & Stefan Feature.00_30_04_18_edited.jpg

The Feature Film

The Feature Film

The Cinematic Feature Film. In the heart of Tuscany, we embarked on a mission to capture the unscripted moments, the genuine emotions, and the real love that unfolded on Taylor's & Stefan's wedding day. The authentic story of a couple pledging their forever vows with the stunning backdrop of Tuscany's rustic charm. What we present isn’t a glossy highlight reel but a genuine cinematic experience. The result a real and relatable portrayal of a couple celebrating their love in one of the most enchanting places on Earth.

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